Robotic cloud lab architecture built on state of the art robotics and software.


The containerized robotic Workcells are woven together by an integrated stack of control software. If you need your samples processed quickly, the control software will dynamically provision more robotics to accomplish your task.

Virtual Infrastructure

Strateos’s robotic Workcells are built from state of the art robotics and modern scientific instrumentation. Centralized infrastructure means that when updates are made to the platform they are immediately available to all platform users to improve the performance of everyone's science.

Flexible interfaces

Use both programmatic and graphical interfaces to drive your experimental plans on Strateos. Both interfaces ensure that you and your team can stay on top of your experiments with access to both analytical and platform meta-data.

On demand access to lab automation, screening and assays

A robotic cloud lab is a deeply integrated technology stack of biology, robotics and software made available to its users via the internet. Unlike traditional, in-house lab-automation, a robotic cloud lab flexibly supports multiple assay types and is built from the ground up to be controlled remotely, even from the other side of the planet.

State of the art robotics enables assay execution with minimal human input

Fully robotic workcells are core to Strateos’s vision of cloud science. Ensuring an entire assay is executed by a robot gives our users peace of mind that experiments are executed exactly to specification every time driving better data for more reproducible discoveries.


A virtual lab for massive assay scaling

Strateos has designed and built the underlying robotic infrastructure in a containerized format. The Workcells that fill Strateos's facilities form a single virtual lab connected by software all with a single interface. This flexible architecture provides an unparalleled ability to scale experimental capacity for our users.

Fully Automated Workspaces

Workcells contain state of the art products and technologies that are controlled by proprietary Strateos automation devices. Our best-in-class LIMS software seamlessly tracks all protocol steps and device instructions, and results are provided in common formats that can be easily integrated into your in-house LIMS package. By fully automating your protocols, human-derived errors and contaminations are significantly excluded.


20 feet 6.096 meters


10 feet 3.048 meters


10 feet 3.048 meters


28 per workcell

Characterization Data Points

3000 per hour


BSL-1 and BSL-2

Elastic automation and virtual infrastructure

The Strateos cloud lab receives the instructions for an experiment and dynamically provisions enough robotic capability and reagents to complete the experiment. This approach means that you only pay for the scale of automation necessary for your experiment.

Deep characterization of experimental environments

Each Workcell at Strateos's facility is continuously monitored 24/7. Sensors in each Workcell measure over 3000 data-points per hour. Regular maintenance and QC are performed on the instruments and environment providing well characterized experimental error.

Graphical and programmatic interfaces to experimentation

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Launch your experiments in minutes, explore your data, and manage your inventory all through an easy to use web application in your browser. Our software is so powerful it makes Strateos an extension of your lab.

Science: Now for machines too!

Algorithmically drive experimentation and data analysis with Strateos's unparalleled REST API for programmatic discovery biology.

We're looking for visionary partners in algorithmic experimentation. Get in touch to collaborate with us and create something truly unique.


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