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Scalable, automated chemistry via the cloud.

A suite of capability to enable chemists to design, assemble and execute reactions on Strateos’s state-of-the-art robotic infrastructure in the cloud. Supported by purification and analytical capabilities, and chemical data management tools. Rapidly synthesize, test and optimize early stage compounds for lead generation in biological assays.

Intuitive molecular design incorporates flexible reaction enumeration options for intelligent selection.
Automated reaction preparation, execution and data analysis using a palette of industry-favored reactions enables diverse druglike compound synthesis and experiment tracking.
Seamless integration of compound design and synthesis with user-defined downstream biological and ADME assays leading to a unified data package.

Tools of the Trade

Accelerate end-to-end medicinal chemistry cycles using a variety of synthetic purification and design technologies. You set the terms, we execute them.

Design and Synthesize from Anywhere

Design, track, and analyze all your medicinal chemistry protocols in one integrated UI. Our robotic automation does the rest.

Versatile Synthesis

Advanced reaction technology can enable reactions under a variety of temperatures, pressures and other conditions. Conditions can be customized at the click of a button.

Reliable Purification

Automated solid-phase extraction (SPE) routines coupled to synthesis and preparative LC-MS can purify compounds to stock solution-ready grade in short order.

Superior Characterization

Analytical and preparative LC-MS modules provide structure verification and high confidence and transparency into your workflows.

Robotic Automation in Your Browser

Browser Based Interface for Reaction Design

Submit, view, and track all your medicinal chemistry protocols in one integrated UI. Our robotic automation does the rest.


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